Step 1 - Create an Account to hold DOB

To get started we recommend creating an account by browsing to LOBSTR is one of the most popular and highly rated Stellar wallets, it is also available on Android and iOS

Make sure to use a strong password when creating your LOBSTR account and when creating your new wallet it is very important to write down as securely store your recovery phrase. This will allow you to access your funds in the event of losing access to your account.

You can skip the “Set federation address” for now

Step 2 - Purchase or transfer XLM

Once your account is created, you will either have to select “Receive” to transfer some XLM from another wallet/exchange or select “Buy Lumens” to purchase XLM with a credit card. LOBSTR uses for credit card purchases which is a PCI compliant secure payment processor.

To Transfer XLM

Receive tokens by sending them from another wallet/exchange such as Coinbase, for example below we are sending 3 XLM from a Keybase wallet to our Lobstr wallet:

Copy receive tokens address:

Paste as to/destination in wallet/exchange: Make sure the copied address matches the one shown as receive address in LOBSTR

To Purchase XLM

Select “Buy Lumens” then follow the instructions from to purchase XLM.

Once you have XLM in your wallet you can use it to purchase other assets on the Stellar blockchain.

Step 3 - Exchange XLM for DOB

In order to exchange DOB for XLM you have to add DOB to your Assets. This can be done by entering “dob” in the search box on the Assets page. Click “Add” to add DOB to your assets.

On the Assets page you will see the option to exchange DOB for XLM, scroll down to make the exchange

Enter the amount of DOB you would like to buy and select Buy DOB

That’s it, you now own DOB congratulations! You can place future buy and sell orders for DOB on this page.